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Managing your order/payment methodUpdated 2 years ago

Order now: When you select "Order now" your order will be billed and placed right away. The next order date will be based on the frequency you have selected. For example 6 weeks from the day you selected order now.

Edit next order date: When you press 'Edit' on the Next Order date, you'll be able to pick any calendar date in the future. This will be the date when your next order will be billed and placed (not shipped or delivered). 

Edit Frequency: You can change the frequency in which you receive your products. You can choose between 6 weeks, 1 month, 2 months, 3 months or customize when you get your product(s) at the right interval based on your unique usage. 

Edit Payment Method: You can edit your payment method at any time. You can add a new card or update the information that has been provided with your current payment method.

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